Winter in 10 Photos

January 2: Short days, long shadows January 7: A splash of color on the pond January 21: Early morning ski in Maine’s 100-mile wilderness January 28: Skiing through snowflakes in the County February 5: High noon in Tuckerman’s Ravine February 11: Blue bird day on Isolation February 20: Skiing in Baxter State Park February 22:Continue reading “Winter in 10 Photos”

Backpackers Trade Trekking Poles for Paddles

an excerpt from my latest goEast story “Are you planning to hit that rock for a reason?”“Tell me where to go; don’t tell me where not to go!”“You have to speak louder!”“The glare! I can’t see!” Dodging rocks on a river takes practice, and learning is a trial-by-fire situation. My friends and I are allContinue reading “Backpackers Trade Trekking Poles for Paddles”

Fruita Mountain Bike Trip

Ever since our Canyonlands National Park White Rim Trail bikepacking adventure in 2019, we’ve longed for another bike trip to the desert. We finally returned in April 2022—this time to western Colorado. This trip was different. We didn’t sleep under the stars, carry all our water, or push fully-loaded bikes up steep hills. Instead, weContinue reading “Fruita Mountain Bike Trip”

#45, 46, 47, 48 – Winter Hiking Goals

For my 40th birthday, I treated myself to the Appalachian Mountain Club New Hampshire Chapter’s Winter Hiking Series. I had felt a pull towards snow-covered peaks for years, and I wondered—could I do it? Did I have what it takes to hike high peaks in the winter? Was I brave enough to stretch my comfortContinue reading “#45, 46, 47, 48 – Winter Hiking Goals”

White Rim Trail

3-day self-supported tour on Canyonland’s 100-mile White Rim Trail This story was originally published on #GoEast. As I struggled to the top of a gentle, rolling hill on Mineral Bottom Road, I was sure we had made it.  It’s only 12 miles of riding from the top of the canyon to the parking area and surelyContinue reading “White Rim Trail”

Green Mountain Stage Race

This story was originally published on Senior Ripper. There’s a unique sound that vibrates from a peloton. It’s something like a purr or a hum or a whir, but it’s not quite any of those. As I was thinking about this while concentrating on and adjusting to the subtle, nearly imperceptible movements of the cyclistsContinue reading “Green Mountain Stage Race”

Bikepacking Baxter SP and Katahdin Woods & Waters NM

“The Katahdin 360 is a 100+mile bikepacking route through the heart of Maine’s Katahdin region that includes something for everyone: incredible views, remote forests, dreamy gravel, decrepit logging roads, discouraging blowdowns, and some bushwhacking to boot!”… That’s the description of this route on and it’s all true. This is a trip I’ve wanted toContinue reading “Bikepacking Baxter SP and Katahdin Woods & Waters NM”

Full Moon Presi Traverse

This summer I set out with my friends Denise and Molly to hike the Presidential Range under the Buck Moon. Our plan was to begin at 4 o’clock in the afternoon so that we could make it up to Madison or Adams for sunset, hike through the night under the moon and stars, and watchContinue reading “Full Moon Presi Traverse”

Northern Maine Singletrack

When when my husband and son started gravitating towards singletrack last year, I reluctantly joined them. I’m so glad I did. We’re fortunate to have many miles of trails near our home and over the past year each outing has been slightly less terrifying – and more fun – than the last. My son’s appetiteContinue reading “Northern Maine Singletrack”

Whiteface Uphill Bike Race

My older son built this bike. He researched and purchased each part separately over the winter, and had them shipped to the house. When he returned home in May, he found his room filled with boxes of various sizes, each holding a small treasure. He spent the next few weeks assembling it and getting theContinue reading “Whiteface Uphill Bike Race”

Northern White Mountains Bikepacking Loop

The Northern White Mountains Bikepacking Loop is a terrific 60-mile weekend trip along the (flat) Presidential Rail Trail, a bit of pavement with wide shoulders, and two (hilly) seasonal gravel roads. I explored the route with a group of friends in mid-May. With free, first-come-first-serve campsites in the White Mountain National Forest at the mid-wayContinue reading “Northern White Mountains Bikepacking Loop”