My 16-year-old and His Friend Hiked Vermont’s Long Trail…By Themselves

This story was originally published on #GoEast. As I watched my 16-year-old son and his friend walk into the woods at the Massachusetts/Vermont border to begin their northbound thru-hike to Canada—alone—I fought the urge to run up the trail with them. Despite my beaming smile and outward excitement, I was still conflicted about whether orContinue reading “My 16-year-old and His Friend Hiked Vermont’s Long Trail…By Themselves”

New England 67

New England is home to 67 high peaks (mountains that top off at 4,000 feet or more). For the past several years I’ve been backpacking and day hiking to the top of each one. Along the way, I’ve encountered soft forest paths that spring underfoot and unforgiving granite; views for miles and socked-in peaks; swelteringContinue reading “New England 67”

Grafton Notch

This article was originally published in the Spring 2017 edition of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Wilderness Matters. Grafton Notch Loop Adventure: How I Discovered the Appalachian Mountain Club Grafton Notch is one of our favorite places. My husband and I visited the area in the summer of 2015 and summited our first 4,000 footer – OldContinue reading “Grafton Notch”