Fruita Mountain Bike Trip

Ever since our Canyonlands National Park White Rim Trail bikepacking adventure in 2019, we’ve longed for another bike trip to the desert. We finally returned in April 2022—this time to western Colorado. This trip was different. We didn’t sleep under the stars, carry all our water, or push fully-loaded bikes up steep hills. Instead, weContinue reading “Fruita Mountain Bike Trip”

White Rim Trail

3-day self-supported tour on Canyonland’s 100-mile White Rim Trail This story was originally published on #GoEast. As I struggled to the top of a gentle, rolling hill on Mineral Bottom Road, I was sure we had made it.  It’s only 12 miles of riding from the top of the canyon to the parking area and surelyContinue reading “White Rim Trail”

Green Mountain Stage Race

This story was originally published on Senior Ripper. There’s a unique sound that vibrates from a peloton. It’s something like a purr or a hum or a whir, but it’s not quite any of those. As I was thinking about this while concentrating on and adjusting to the subtle, nearly imperceptible movements of the cyclistsContinue reading “Green Mountain Stage Race”

Whiteface Uphill Bike Race

My older son built this bike. He researched and purchased each part separately over the winter, and had them shipped to the house. When he returned home in May, he found his room filled with boxes of various sizes, each holding a small treasure. He spent the next few weeks assembling it and getting theContinue reading “Whiteface Uphill Bike Race”

C&O Towpath

Finishing what we started!  In April 2018 I traveled to Cumberland, Maryland with my two teenage sons to cycle the 180-mile Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Towpath to Washington, D.C.  We were picking up where we left off one year earlier, after cycling from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD on the Great Allegheny Passage.  That adventureContinue reading “C&O Towpath”

Burlington to Montreal – and back

As I flip through the photo album of our most recent bike trip from Burlington to Montreal, I’m struck by the diversity of landscapes we encountered. The glossy 4×6 images show us traveling along the shores of Lake Champlain, up the Chambly Canal along the Richelieu River, to the impressive skyline of Montreal, and backContinue reading “Burlington to Montreal – and back”

Cycling the Great Allegheny Passage

This was originally published on Mist rising from the waterfall shimmers in the late afternoon sunbeams that cut through the forest. As I look up at the ravine wall we’ve descended to stand next to this beauty, I’m reasonably sure that we can climb out, and in any event, I decide it was worthContinue reading “Cycling the Great Allegheny Passage”

Prince Edward Island, Tip to Tip

As the sun begins to rise over Prince Edward Island’s Hillsborough River, casting beams of light across the floor of our room in the Bishop’s Rest B&B, I take in the scene and treasure it. Empty water bottles are lined up on the table, ready to be filled. Clear plastic bags are scattered around theContinue reading “Prince Edward Island, Tip to Tip”